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Leaked Kinect Star Wars Doc Reveals Pod Racing, Rancor Stomping and Lightsaber Action

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At last year's E3 event, Microsoft and LucasArts showed us what a Star Wars game would look like when played with the Xbox 360's Kinect motion controller. What was demonstrated at E3 2010 focused on a Jedi swinging his lightsaber in a battle against enemy droids and culminated in a showdown with Darth Vader.

But there may be more to Kinect Star Wars than just lightsaber fights, according to details from a recent survey on the game forwarded to Kotaku. That survey—which was accompanied with storyboards for a planned commercial—touched on unannounced gameplay aspects, including a Pod Racing sequence that can be controlled by steering an imaginary wheel with one's hands.


More amusing than miming control of a Pod Racer is a game that appears to let players control a Rancor monster, stomping things beneath their feet while performing the same motion in front of a Kinect camera.

Of course, there will be lightsaber battles, with details from that survey indicating that players will engage in Jedi versus Jedi action while both standing and seated on a couch.


Last year, Kinect creative director Kudo Tsunoda spoke briefly about the upcoming Star Wars game, due sometime in 2011, telling the BBC "I think you could just easily imagine being a Jedi and using Kinect to make you feel you're part of a Star Wars experience, building yourself up into a Jedi."


Kinect Star Wars appears to be planted in the prequel and Clone Wars era from the images we've seen, which included Battle Droids, double-ended lightsabers and images from Star Wars: Episode I.

We've contacted LucasArts for comment, but have not yet heard back. Perhaps we'll hear more about Kinect Star Wars at this year's E3.