This morning brings us a rare gem: footage of the cancelled Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game for PSP, which was due to be part of the Elder Scrolls Travels series before it was axed.

Game preservation channel PtoPOnline brings us a few new videos, showing off what an Elder Scrolls game on PSP might have looked like. Pivotally, video maker Andrew Borman explains that rather than a massive connected open world, Oblivion PSP would have given players access to a single hub. From there, they could travel to different areas.


It’s a rare look at an interesting experimental video game that we’ll never get to play. Here’s hoping Zenimax’s lawyers don’t try to take this down.

UPDATE - 10:53am: Well that sure was quick. The footage is no longer on YouTube. I guess it’s really damaging to Bethesda for people to see a game that was cancelled ten years ago.

UPDATE 2 - 12:21pm: Backups have emerged thanks to user Wonderforall.

UPDATE 3 - June 7, 10:08pm: And now the original vids are back. Watch’em here: