There's only four days until you're officially allowed to buy Activision's latest blockbuster FPS. That's 96 hours. Yes, K-Mart screwed the pooch and let some units slip out into the wild, where they've been spotted on eBay. But, you'd be playing such a copy at your own risk, at least if you don't want severe Xbox Live repercussions.


But that's not stopping one rabid COD acolyte from shelling out more than $1,500 to get their sweaty paws on the military action threequel before the floodgates open next Tuesday. Apparently the purchase went down on yesterday and, saddest of all, it might take 3-4 days for the game to get there if the delivery time quoted is to be believed. Which means you may not be getting the game that early after all. Maybe the winning bidder's just really into the single-player story?

Somebody bid $1,725 for Modern Warfare 3 on eBay [Joystiq]

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