I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: League of Legends is just the cutest. EXHIBIT B: The new “snow day” accoutrements made for all those blisteringly cold nights ahead when you don’t want to leave the house and freeze your butt off, so you play League instead.

The influential League of Legends news site Surrender at 20 captured three new “snow day” skins last night after they popped up on the PBE, and they’re simply precious. The skins are for Gnar, Bard, and Syndra:

My favorite by far is Bard. It gives the already large and silly-looking Miyazaki-esque champion a winter coat, hat, and scarf.

And replaces his cute little “meep” followers who tag along with him on the battlefield with...penguins.


...penguins he can then send through his magical journey portal:


The health shrines he can summon to heal himself and his allies, meanwhile, are now cups of hot chocolate:

Eeeee!! Here’s a video preview from the Skin Spotlights YouTube:

The Bard skin will cost 1380 Riot Points (RP), which is a little less than ten bucks.


“Snow Day Gnar” is slightly less essential, given that Gnar already has two very good, and very cute skins. But still: look at him in that little hat!

He also has a snowman:


When Gnar’s in his non-beast-mode form, the Snow Day skin replaces his boomerang with an ice shard, which is ok I guess:


Mega-Gnar, on the other hand, throws and ice block with a penguin inside:

Poor penguin! Snow Day Gnar will cost 975 RP to start.

As for Snow Day Syndra, she’s gotten a blue-colored makeover that makes all of her abilities look like she’s chucking snowballs or entire snow tundras at her enemies:


Syndra’s new skin will cost 1350 RP like Bard’s.

Oh, and how could I forget, there’s a new penguin ward too!


The ward will cost 640 RP.

The game’s minions, meanwhile, will don snow gear as well for the seasonal “Snowdown” event beginning in December. The big minions even drive snow mobiles and plow trucks!


Riot should really just turn all of the minions in League into penguins for the month of December. And then have Morgan Freeman narrate the march of the minion penguins. I’d watch that.