Team Curse, meanwhile, issued a personal video statement (left), in which they apologized to their fans, saying, "Curse and Dignitas basically agreed on an ARAM for the first game... We thought this would be kind of fun, a play-around game ... to have fun! And not a lot of people really appreciated it, our fans didn't appreciate it... Anything outside of this is false, the accusations are false, and we'd also like to apologize to our fans."

As for the accusations themselves, the facts are still murky. On Riot's League of Legends forums, Dustin "RedBeard" Beck, Riot's VP of eSports, wrote:

Just to be crystal clear, MLG's decision here has nothing to do with ARAM. Both Curse and Dignitas admitted to and apologized for colluding prior to the finals to throw the match.


Whether the two teams were indeed just goofing around for fun, or whether they had agreed for Dignitas to throw the match, the fact remains that both violated the rules of the tournament. As eSports become ever more popular it seems that they, like their more physical brethren, become ever more open to cheating and manipulation.