League of Legends' Playoffs Will Try Again Tomorrow

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After suffering serious technical hiccups and even allegations of cheating, League of Legends' World Playoffs will try and finish up tomorrow at 5pm Pacific Time.


The three unfinished matches will be streamed on Twitch and Own3D, and they'll take place at USC's Galen Center. Riot promise that the broadcast and playing conditions will be to the full standard, the only difference being that this time there won't be a live crowd.


The three matches to come are:

Team WE vs. Counter Logic Gaming EU QF
M5.BenQ vs. Taipei Assassins SF
Azubu Frost vs. Team WE/Counter Logic Gaming EU

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Any word on whether WE and CLG will have to do a whole new best of three? Or will they only be doing that final game? That whole match is simply a disaster now, as both teams had it won before the crashes. Both teams deserve to feel cheated after these failures.

Hopefully tomorrow will go well. Though, this has certainly concerned me regarding the handling of the Finals. If we see anything like Saturday again, I just don't know how Riot Games' tournaments can be taken seriously at all. They must make sure tomorrow and the Finals go off without a hitch.