I wasn't sure about this whole League of Legends thing until my pal Lu Bu drew my attention to the 15 big-headed figures making up the initial wave of the game's official vinyl figures. Marvel at their giant adorable heads.

Recently added to the Riot merch store, these four inch figures gleefully capture the essences of characters folks normally take far more seriously. Just look at my pink-haired friend Vi here. She's the best. Are those translucent goggles? Nice touch.

As mentioned there are 15 figures in the initial wave, and I say initial because there are several champions deserving this treatment that aren't on the list yet. We've got Vi, Gangplank, Darius, Gragus, Jax, Kog'maw, Katarina, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Kha'zix, Leona, Cho'gath, Garen, Nami and Nautilus. Where is Teemu? Maybe he's resting from too much attention. How about Gnar? Please please please?

I suppose the small initial lineup is a blessing, as the figures cost a bit more than the actual champion unlocks. At $25 apiece, collecting them all is a $375 proposition, and that's before the more expensive rare skin figures inevitably roll out.


I am tempted. Actually I am tempted by several things on the League of Legends merch page. Have you seen the plush?


Don't get me started on the plush. I'm going to go bury my credit cards in my backyard.