League of Legends' Massive Pre-Season-3 Patch Released

Riot has released a whopping pre-season-3 patch for League of Legends, which will doubtless make a ton of diehard players very happy. Since everyone loves massive patches that change tons of things about their favorite video games.


In the video above, Riot's Joshua "Jatt" Leesman and Ryan "Morello" Scott walk viewers through the many changes made to the game. You can read the full patch notes on the official League of Legends site.

Preseason 3 Patch Notes [Riot via PCGamesN]

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I appreciate they have tried to make the game less stale in terms of items and I especially like the Sighstone idea.

The main problem with league for me though has always been the Meta of it is so stale. The fact they build heroes for certain roles is probably the reason for this. Really they should just make a hero and let people figure out the best ways and team comps to play it.

I started in LoL but eventually moved on to Dota 2 because of how stale LoL became for for me. It's a great game but the meta makes it get boring pretty quick, hopefully there focus for season 4 will be destroying the current meta of the game and to stop building heroes for specific roles.

Also I have Dota 2 key I can't seem to get rid of (Valve sent out mass invites recently)

If you want the key, let me know. There is a secret criteria to meet for me to give it to you though!