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League of Legends Lands Seven-Year, $300 Million Streaming Deal

Illustration for article titled iLeague of Legends/i Lands Seven-Year, $300 Million Streaming Deal

Today, League of Legends publisher Riot announced an unprecedented $300 million deal with Major League Baseball spin-off streaming company BAMTech, who will handle LoL broadcasting. Among other things, BAMTech will release a streaming app for the esport and oversee tournament streams on Twitch, the Wall Street Journal reports.


BAMTech, in which Disney recently bought a $1 billion stake, will pay out that hefty sum before 2023. In return, they’ll receive exclusive rights to stream League of Legends to an international audience and monetize the game. BAMTech-facilitated sponsorships and ad sales will help grow Riot’s revenue.

For context, in 2014, the NBA announced a $24 billion, nine-year deal with ESPN.


The specifics of the deal are unclear right now. Riot announced its interest in long-term investments in September so esports teams and players could enjoy some much-needed financial stability. Hopefully, some of the new money flowing through Riot’s coffers will find its way into the pockets of professional LoL players.

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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$300 million for a game that’s old and successful is a steal. Not sure why Riot would make such a cheap deal, but I understand that they will also profit from this.