In case winning $1 million wasn’t enough to properly reward Korean League of Legends team Samsung Galaxy White for their victory at the 2014 World Championship, Riot has come up with another way to keep the players’ glory days going a bit longer. A lot longer, actually.

The snazzy “Samsung White Championship Skins” that were revealed are part of an ongoing tradition League of Legends’ developer and publisher has to commemorate its most accomplished eSports stars by turning them into pieces of virtual merchandise. They’ve turned past world champions into skins as well. The main difference between the new skins and past ones is that, like many of League’s most recent additions, these are especially fancy. Just look at them!

Here’s sporty Rengar, for Samsung White player Dandy:

Thresh, for Mata:


Singed, for Looper:

Here’s Pawn’s Talon, who pulls off a gaming sweatshirt better than most MOBA characters do, seeing as he’s already wearing an Assassin’s Creed-style hoodie in his default outfit:


And Twitch, which is by far my favorite:

Imp Twitch (Itch? Twimp? Impwich?) has the Harry Potter-esque round glasses that earned the player the nickname “Carry Potter” (since he plays in the AD Carry position). Even better than that, though, is the new Twich recall animation. It makes the anthropomorphized rat drop to the ground and roll around with glee for a few seconds before teleporting back to base:


The recall animation is a reference to one of Imp’s defining moments in the lead-up to his team’s victory at Worlds. It came during a pregame interview, when all of a sudden he decided to start rolling around in the grass:

It just looked too beautiful not to roll around in, I guess.

Now Imp never has to stop rolling around in the grass—at least in the eyes, and games, of his many fans.


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