Poppy, one of League of Legends’ oldest characters, is about to be retired from the game. And while she’ll be replaced by a newer, better version of herself, fans of the original Poppy are feeling pretty sad right now. One such fan knew this day was coming, so he prepared a video to celebrate the champion’s glory days.

Redditor NoHaxItsLag said that he’s been collecting footage of Poppy since he started to see the direction she was headed in. Today he turned that footage into a YouTube video that combines Poppy gameplay clips with screenshots of old forum posts and patch notes talking about her balance problems, and then set the whole thing to Whitney Houston’s classic song “I Will Always Love You.”

I know that sounds ridiculous and corny as hell. It is pretty ridiculous, but then again most things in League are at least sort of ridiculous:

Rest in peace, old Poppy. Know that your infamous “Lollipoppy” skin will live on in a new but equally hideous form:


**wipes away tears**