League of Legends Fan Favorite Gets A Catchy Parody

You have to be in a League of Legends World Championship finalist team to get the attention of devoted fans and get an awesome The Offspring parody song—like this one from The Yordles on YouTube.


SK Telecom T1 and its Mid laner, Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok—whom this tune is dedicated to—will participate in the World Championships on October 4th at the Staples Center. If their team wins and walks away with the one million dollars, they should really sing this during the award ceremony.

Dance, Faker, Dance (You're Gonna Go Far, Kid Parody) [YouTube, Thanks, Sang!]

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If anyone needs to know why they made this video look at this play by Faker (he's the one who wins the fight)

The guy they show after was Ryu looking depressed.