League Of Legends Cheating Service Loses $10 Million Lawsuit

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Riot, the company behind League of Legends, has won a $10 million payout (and then some) following victory in a court case against LeagueSharp, the creators of a bot and scripting service that let its users cheat in LoL matches.


The suit, first filed last August, was concluded in January. As Dot Esports report, it not only sees Riot awarded the $10 million, but there’s now a court-ordered ban on LeagueSharp’s sites, which Riot now also has control over.

From August, here’s the gist of Riot’s complaint:

LeagueSharp “injects assemblies,” or scripts, into LoL for a $15 subscription fee. For $50 a month, LeagueSharp’s botting service quickly levels League of Legends players’ characters. The lawsuit also accuses LeagueSharp of attacking Riot’s servers, teaching LoL players how to cheat without being caught and advising them how to fraudulently dispute transactions in-game.

A report on Law360 says that in addition to running a cheating service, LeagueSharp had also been involved in attacks on Riot’s servers, while also “[leaking] private information about a [Riot] employee.”

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That seems like a lot of money.

But good. Scripts should only be allowed in a sanctioned custom mode if that. They are evil things to take to ranked. You see people in Master all the time who’ve got there with scripts and boast in all chat that they’ll probably last about a month before that account gets banned for using them.

It’s kinda evil.