League of Legends Attacked By Small Group of Jerk Players

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League of Legends is one of the biggest games in the world. Which means it also attracts some of the biggest assholes in the world as well, who despite being active players of the game, have banded together to try and bring it down.


Developers Riot Games have caught " a handful of players...attacking our live service to kill games that are in-progress". They were reportedly using Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which would result in games lagging horribly and, in many cases, simply disconnecting.

Riot is trying to identify and ban those responsible, and will also be "pursuing legal avenues and working with the proper authorities".

Update on Dropped Games [LoL, via Game Politics]


LoL is the biggest community of jerks,assholes,retards and so on so forth of all game community's atm. it's amazing how there can be so many idiots out there all playing the same thing..

Dota2 is so much less noob friendly when it comes to the game itself but the community is so much better. i fear some migration from LoL to Dota2 might do some harm. but since Dota2 is even less retard friendly it should be safe to say it will always have the better community.

still it's sad that some gamers would actually band together and try to take down the game for no reason. they should attack Riot in order to coerce them to improve the game in some ways that it really needs instead o Riot taking so long to actually listen.. now that would be something to applause..