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Click to view LittleBigPlanet features a toe-curling 51 levels of platforming joy and frustration in its single player mode. There’s also that spiffy level creator which amounts to endless fun. But one of the game’s biggest selling points is its ability to share those levels you make, and to play the levels others make. Unfortunately The online servers for the game, which went live yesterday, seem to be crumbling under the brute force attack of legions of Sackboys trying to share. Last night I wasn’t able to log onto the servers a single time and checking into Media Molecule’s post about putting the server’s live I found I wasn’t the only one. Comments from people in the U.S., Canada and Europe report the same issues. We’ve emailed Media Molecule to see if we can find out what’s up with the downtime. I’ll make sure to update once we hear back. Powering Up [Media Molecule] [UPDATE]: Media Molecule lets us know that, no, we're not losing our minds, the servers for LBP are down. They took them down about eight hours after they went live to avoid "glitching issues" some people were seeing that was affecting offline play. They tell us that the servers will be back online just as soon they can get their hands on whatever little SackGremlin is causing the problems in their servers.


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