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LBP Patched; Oh, BTW, the Servers Aren't On Til Tomorrow

Illustration for article titled LBP Patched; Oh, BTW, the Servers Arent On Til Tomorrow

At last, LittleBigPlanet has been patched in North America, (v1.02) making it safe, harmless and inoffensive forever. Also, we keep getting flooded with tips about LBP's servers being down. That's on purpose. While the game is available for play, official word is that the servers come online the week of Oct. 27. That's tomorrow at the earliest. Also, many of you have said the pre-order codes for DLC do not work. I don't have the game, but maybe that's related to the servers not being online yet. Sit tight, folks. It's a hell of a game you can play offline for a couple of days. North American LittleBigPlanet Gets 1.02 Patch[PS3Fanboy]


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I've been playing through the story mode, and I'm afraid that I'm not enjoying it as much as I should. The controls are really imprecise, and the game's physics can be finicky, yet a lot of the levels require really precise input.

Love the art style, love the level design, love Stephen Fry's narration... yet it's all dragged down by the fact that the game isn't actually particularly fun to play.