Layoffs Reported At Dead Rising 2 Developer [UPDATE: 20 Staff Let Go]

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Rumors are swirling that Capcom Vancouver, the development studio behind Dead Rising 2, has laid off multiple people.


One source contacted Kotaku to tell us he knew several people who were laid off today. Multiple people also reported the layoffs both on Twitter and the gaming message board NeoGAF.

Yesterday on Twitter in response to news that BioWare Austin had laid off employees, a recruiter for Capcom Vancouver said they were hiring.

I've reached out to Capcom for comment and will update should they respond.

Update: Our source has just informed us that there is a company-wide meeting scheduled for 3pm Pacific Time.

Update 2: In response to Kotaku's request for comment, Capcom sent us the following statement: "Capcom Vancouver has laid off 20 staff as part of its regular periodic assessment of overall studio goals. The studio is actively hiring talented staff to support its goal of delivering high quality games."



If they are hiring, then who did they lay off? It's possible that it's either redundant or temporary positions that were axed, and nothing that would negatively impact development. It does suck for those that were laid off, though.