Law And Order Handles Video Game Fueled Child Neglect Badly

In last week's ripped from the headlines episode of Law and Order: SVU, a couple gets so wrapped up in a ridiculously fake video game that they forget who their daughter is. "This is the kingdom of Galagar!"

Parents neglecting their children because of video games is a serious subject, but I can't help but giggle every time a show like Law and Order rolls out the fake video game for a story like this. Note how the woman shouts to her on-screen offspring, urging him to hold on while not actually doing anything. Check out that awesome battle sequence, and those graphics! It's no wonder this poor couple got themselves so wrapped up.


"An Xbox tournament hosted out of Korea. He had the cutest avatar." Priceless.

"This is the kingdom of Galagar!" shall forever be my battle cry.

Episode Synopsis [ - Thanks Greg!]

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