Chinese television for the most part is pretty bad. Chock full 'o' rules and regulations by ridiculous State Organs, Chinese TV producers are still able to produce TV shows. However despite the producers' best efforts, Chinese 'netizens' are still able to pick up inconsistencies and errors in production.

First spotted on Chinese Twitter-like Sina Weibo, a thread showed up detailing the inconsistencies and historical fallacies in the martial arts fantasy series Smiling Swordsman, Proud Wanderer. The Weibo thread showed simple errors and inconsistencies such as a character in the show holding what looks to be a lighter.

According to netizens, the image above taken from The Smiling Swordsman, Proud Wanderer, shows a character from the show holding an "ancient lighter". This lighter according to netizens is something that can only be found in modern times; they cite the blue base of the flame as something only produced by a butane lighter.

As laughable as how serious Chinese 'netizens' take their TV, it's almost amazing at the amount of time some of them put into pointing out errors. Below, we have gathered some more images for your viewing pleasure.


In the TV show, Mystery in The Palace, one of the extras walking in the scene is caught wearing a modern wrist watch. 'Netizens' point out that unless the extra was a time traveler, she wouldn't have the watch.


In this shot of the show Qing Ci, the female protagonist is seen riding shotgun. In this scene, she's first not wearing her seatbelt and then suddenly wearing it and then to not wearing it again. Interestingly, Chinese law requires people to wear seat belts and regulations by the State Administration of Film Radio and Television suggests that TV broadcasts show drivers adhering to the law.

New Drawing Swords, a show that glorifies the deeds of the People's Liberation Army during the second Sino-Japanese War takes place during the 1930's - 1940's. Unfortunately for this period drama, a modern car seems to have gotten into the shot. Personally, I think the director was silently protesting SARFT's ban on time travel TV shows.


This error in this scene in Ying Tao isn't as obvious the rest but it's still there. Supposedly to take place during the 1970's, it would be impossible for the vehicle to have a 2012 registration sticker.

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