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Latest Silent Hill: Downpour Screens Don't Skimp On The Gondola

The first set of screenshots released for Konami's Silent Hill: Downpour only featured two shots of a gondola creeping across a chasm. That's nowhere near enough gondola. Thankfully this next set gives us a couple more.

Silent Hill: Downpour's main character is one Murphy Pendleton, an unfortunate man whose prison transport bus overturns on a dark and stormy night, leaving him stranded all alone in the woods near the titular town. From there I can only surmise he will run into no end of gondolas. If I were in a high school English literature class, I'd say the gondola represents freedom. I am not.

The rest of these new shots depict places the gondola might go, along with people heading towards the gondola and perhaps even pondering what would happen if, god forbid, the gondola were to fall.

Vatra Games and Konami explore the highs and lows of the gondola when Silent Hill: Downpour for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ships late this year.


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