More artwork from Simon Stålenhag nails that feeling of driving through familiar landscapes dotted with industrial oddities.

We’ve featured Simon’s art here before, a couple times in fact, because it’s just so damn good. The latest book collecting his work, called Things from the Flood, came out last November, and followed up on his which was titled Tales from the Loop.


The latest “sketches” show nighttime travels along mountainsides blanketed with snow and conifers, but with the addition of the kinds of futuristic landmarks mixing nostalgia and alien technology Stålenhag has become well known for. The piece is titled, “Incomprehensible catchphrases in the mountain pass.”

Image Credit: Jeff Kubina

His most recent sketchbook post previous to this one showed a similar scene but with insectoid construction robots blocking the way. The inscription below was “Cable work ahead. Alpine county, CA.” It’s a familiar scene for anyone who regularly drives across state in, say, Pennsylvania for instance, where the cityscapes of Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs eventually give way to green valleys peppered with lonely wind turbines and the occasional billboard for Jesus.

You can see more of Stålenhag work (and buy his art books) at his personal site.

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