Illustration for article titled Latest Harbingers Of The Impending PS3 Slimpocalypse: British Retail

Boy, these PS3 Slim rumours are really building up a good head of steam, no? We're averaging one good rumour a day on them, the latest being a fairly sensible one, courtesy of British retailers.

According to trade site MCV, British retailers are currently in the process of "clearing PS3 hardware stock from the channel", with two "leading national retailers" telling the site that there'll be no more PS3 shipments until September.


When, presumably, there will be new shipments. Shipments of a newer, slimmer PS3.

If you're wondering when we'll stop posting these rumours, Sony's GamesCom press conference is next week, and it's widely expected the new machine will be unveiled there. That's when we'll stop.

No stock means PS3 price cut [MCV]

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