Latest Dante Stunt Buries ASCII Art In Our Source Code

Checked the source code of our front page lately? We didn't think to until we got a tip. Dante's Inferno ASCII art is buried with in it - along with one of six clues to unlock some kind of download.

Loyal reader Kyle K. pointed us out to the ASCII art in the front page source for Digg, and lo and behold, we checked and found an image in ours, too. (Kotaku's editorial operation had no knowledge this was being done.) They're also available in the front page sources for Daily Motion, the WWE, GameSpot, Games Radar IGN and, presumably, others, as the clue in our source code is the same as the one in GameSpot's. Just load the front, go to your view menu and hit "view source," you'll see it after some scrolling.


The ASCII art directs you to this site, where you enter the password you found and then go off in search of the other five. For brevity's sake, here they are:

Password 1: excommunicate (found on Digg)
Password 2: scythe (found on IGN)
Password 3: grafter (found on GameSpot and Kotaku)
Password 4: styx (found on Daily Motion)
Password 5: unbaptized (found on Games Radar)
Password 6: alighieri (found on WWE)

What do you get? Well, as of publication, the server for this page is utterly overwhelmed. I plugged in the correct answers and was treated to a 189 megabyte mystery download that, at this rate, will take until tomorrow to finish. My guess is it's a trailer of some sort, but who knows. When I find out, I'll update here. Meantime, enjoy the pretty ASCII images.

Update: Reader Lyokowarirtitan managed to download the entire pack. His description is as follows:

The file is quite good including; 8 about 1900x1200 wallpapers(which look awesome), 5 posters in both tiff and pdf format (of the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th circles of hell), 6 ASCII art(the passwords i believe), a book of concept art in pdf format(cool), and last but not least, 3 dark sounding songs (of doom) apparently from the game.


Password 1: excommunicate


Password 2: scythe


Password 4: styx


Password 5: unbaptized


Password 6: alighieri

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