Let's hear it for letting your six-year-old stay up late to play video games. That's what Taylor Hendrix, of Brownsville, Tenn., was doing when he noticed smoke and flames from the attic "coming down the chimbley." Taylor sounded the alarm, getting his grandparents and four other children out of the home before it was completely destroyed by fire.

"He's my little hero-man," Taylor's grandmother, Paula Brown, told WMC-TV of Memphis. "That's my tater-bug."

It's a happy ending in that no one was injured, but the home and everything the family had within it—presumably Taylor's console, too—is gone. His grandfather, Mike Brown, battled the blaze with a water hose to no avail. Brown's co-workers and local churches are pitching in to help the family recover.

"My grandson saved my life. He most certainly did," Paula Brown said.

"Little Taylor was up playing Xbox," said the station's reporter. We'll forgive him for not being more specific this time. You can see WMC-TV's full report in the video below.


Taylor Hendrix, 6-Year-Old Tennessee Boy, Saves Family From House Fire (VIDEO) [Huffington Post. Video via WMC-TV]

Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee