Last year’s two Danganronpa games sold a combined 200,000 copies in the west, according to publisher NIS America. That’s not only remarkable because they’re niche visual novels—it’s remarkable because they were only on Vita. Pay attention, game publishers!

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Yes, please pay attention. I don’t get why Sony acts like the vita doesn’t exist. Personally I have played the vita more than any other system in the last year (even the ps4!) It is a great system (bar the memory cards prices) and could seriously compete with the 3ds if Sony could get more of the systems selling. So far the vita has been niche and indie game heaven, but it could be so much more than that. I feel all Sony would need to do is start over with their marketing and release a few games that would appeal to a wider market to get interest. Despite the fact that I don’t really care for the GTA games, imagine how many vitas would sell no advertising needed if they ported GTAV (even the inferior ps3 version) or made a new handheld installment.

I work in a used game store and it makes me sad how many people have no idea what a vita is (or at most think its a psp-xl). More people recognize the “new” 3ds than the vita!

Its odd how sales for it go. Nobody actually wants to buy one, but everyone who tries one falls in love with it.