Last weekend, when I visited famed horror writer H.P. Lovecraft’s grave in Providence, Rhode Island, I found these Magic: The Gathering cards leaned against his tombstone. Presumably a tribute to the novelist, whose tombstone reads “I am Providence,” these “Providence” cards say, “There is power in prayer, regardless of who is listening.” Lovecraft was an atheist, but the gesture is still cute.


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Zippy Zanderhoff

Well, it’s a card from Eldritch Moon, where it turns out everyone’s been going mad due to the influence of a quasi-Lovecraftian entity.

In fact, each branch in that card art has 13 candles on it, and “13 is a cursed/unlucky number” is a theme that’s been going on in the past two sets. There was the card Triskaidekaphobia and the fact that the Big Baddie Lovercraftian Baddie is a 13/13 that costs 13 mana.

The flavor text of the card, there is power in prayer, regardless of who is listening, suggests that the woman is inadvertently praying to a Lovecraftian monstrosity rather than the angels/god she’s hoping for.

Fun little tribute, I guess.