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Lara Croft Wants Your Pictures, Not Just Your Proposals

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The latest Lara Croft model Alison Carroll explains that while the seven marriage proposals she's received so far are lovely, what she really wants is your picture.

In a recently published interview with UK gossip rag The Sun, Allison discusses the ups and downs of traveling the world, the reactions of her friends and family to her new job, and the proper way to get and hold her attention while proposing marriage.

"I've had about seven marriage proposals. I get handed all these little notes. In my holsters are these little pockets so I put them in there. People have given me things in French, German, all sorts of languages, but what they need to do is leave me a little photo. I see so many people, so with a photo I could remember them.


Of course this is The Sun, so along with a sensationalist headline of "Lara Croft wants a man for 2009", it also comes with 29 pictures along the lines of the one you see above, for fans of the tabloid that aren't particularly fond of reading.

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