Lance Reddick Is Now Voice Acting Destiny Memes

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Lance Reddick is a famous actor, with major roles in The Wire and John Wick, among other things. He’s also the voice of Destiny’s Commander Zavala, and apparently not above granting fan requests to voice act the memes they send him.

That’s what he did yesterday when Destiny player xMechanizex sent him a meme drawn from Season of the Chosen’s opening scene, which went live earlier this week. In it, Cabal Empress Caiatl tells Reddick’s character Zavala to bend the knee in accepting an alliance against their mutual foes. Zavala declines and they part ways, kicking off the game’s latest round of alien bloodletting.


This led some players to joke that Zavala should have actually gone in and reminded the Empress of how many times players have collectively kicked the Cabal’s asses in the past. Big bads have become a tough sell in a game that’s all about farming them ad nauseum for cool loot. And so a new Destiny meme was born, and later immortalized thanks to Reddick’s completely serious performance of it:

Reddick is too pure for this world, and certainly this game.

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He was seriously lit during Fringe on Fox. If you haven’t seen that already, it’s worth a go--great acting and world building, and they use the ‘monster of the week’ formula just enough to keep things going, but don’t lean on it too heavily (save for the second season IIRC).