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Lamar Is Still Roasting Franklin In New GTA Online Missions

While the rest of the world has moved on from 2013, Lamar still has some issues to work through

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Lamar and Franklin
Image: Grand Theft Auto Online

The scene early on in Grand Theft Auto V, where Lamar stands outside Franklin’s aunt’s house and has a moment, has entered meme folklore. To the point where the actors responsible recently re-filmed the sequence as homage.

To recap, here’s the sequence as it first appeared in GTAV eight years ago:

And here’s the sequence as it exists in its most perfect form:

Now, as part of the game’s first new story missions in years, Franklin is back, alongside Dr. Dre, and some updates to the radio stations as well. Also back, it seems, is Franklin’s old Buddy Lamar, who has not spent the intervening years working on his people skills.

It’s admirable that Lamar is able to maintain the beef for all these years, even if he’s had to shift his target from Franklin’s hair to...the fact Franklin is now rich? And has a family? He at least has a point this time: you do not ever want to fuck around and get pink eye.


We’ll have some impressions of the new missions—which include Dre’s first new music since 2015—later in the week. Here’s the story mission announcement if you missed it:

Rockstar Games just announced a new major content drop for Grand Theft Auto Online. The series of missions titled The Contract will feature Franklin, one of GTA V’s protagonists, and rapper Dr. Dre. In addition to Dr. Dre’s music, Rockstar promised sweeping updates to the game’s radio stations—including special guest hosts. The update will add new activities, weapons, and vehicles to the long running live-service title.

The Contract follows Franklin’s attempts to find a handful of unreleased Dr. Dre tracks that have gone missing as part of his celebrity “problem solving” enterprise. According to Rockstar, this content will span the entirety of Los Santos, including massive mansions, exclusive parties, and the local FIB branch, as players attempt to recover a cell phone containing the precious, unreleased tracks.