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Lady Gaga Just Out-Cuted Japan

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sorry, Japanese pop stars. Tonight, you were defeated. You had a worthy adversary. But you were no match in a ridiculous cute battle with Lady Gaga.

In English, "kawaii" is typically translated as "cute," but abroad, it's become shorthand for teeth-hurtlingly adorable anime, manga, and video game characters, as well as ridiculously colorful fashion. (In its native Japanese, the word can also have more of a muted nuance—such as "precious.") Kawaii is the type of cute Lady Gaga is drawing from for this get-up.


And tonight, when Lady Gaga, who's a big Japanophile, appeared on Japanese music show M Station, she was kawaii'd out of her mind, with her big-eyed anime make-up she's worn in the past and her Japan inspired outfit.

Appearing on the same show was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who is noted for her ridiculous fashion and ridiculous music videos. Currently, she's the crown princess of kawaii.


However, next to Lady Gaga, she seemed somewhat tame!


"Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was defeated by Lady Gaga," wrote one Twitter user. There's already a thread on 2ch, Japan's largest forum, in which Gaga's "overwhelming victory" is being heralded.


Twitter is buzzing with Japanese fans calling Lady Gaga's M Station performance and appearance "incredible."


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