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Cowards: Lady Dimitrescu Will Be Shorter In The Resident Evil Village DLC

Good news short kings, Lady Dimitrescu is gonna be a bit shorter in Resident Evil Village’s DLC

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Lady Dimitrescu stands in front of her castle while holding a long cigarette.
Yeah, she’s shorter but you’ll still need Eren Jaeger’s 3D maneuver gear to give her a smooch.
Image: Capcom

Lady Dimitrescu, otherwise known as Tall Vampire Lady or simply Big Lady if you’re experiencing a loss for words, might have to get a more diminutive nickname that doesn’t reference her towering height come the release of Resident Evil Village’s first major DLC because Capcom will be making her a little bit shorter.

Resident Evil Village’s big upcoming DLC collection, collectively dubbed “Winters’ Expansion”, was first announced back in June during Capcom’s not-E3 broadcast. In it, players will play as protagonist Ethan Winter’s now-teenage daughter, Rose, to tie up loose ends from Village’s story. It will let you play the game’s score attack-style “The Mercenaries” mode as Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and Lady Dimitrescu. However, players won’t get to live vicariously as Lady D when it comes to her canonical height in Mercenaries mode.


In an interview with Polygon, Kento Kinoshita, the director for the Winters’ expansion, revealed that Capcom had to nerf Lady D’s height in order to give players a smoother gameplay experience. Ready for Lady DummyThicc’s new height reveal? Here we go. Instead of Lady D towering over you at a whopping 9'6", she’ll be a bit shy of nine feet tall. If you can’t handle her at her shortest, you didn’t deserve her at her tallest.


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During the development of RE Village’s Mercenaries mode, Kinoshita told Polygon that Lady Dimitrescu’s height presented a challenge for developers. Despite the difficulties in translating Lady D’s height into Mercenaries, Kinoshita said the overwhelming fan response to that element of Lady Dimitrescu’s “tall stature” was “too important not to” include in the game mode.

“For The Mercenaries, it’s necessary that the player can control their character easily, and to make that possible we did adjust her height to a little under nine feet tall,” Kinoshita told Polygon. “At that height, the player just barely avoids bumping into the ceiling.”

Kinoshita also revealed that Capcom was also able to preserve Lady D’s “calm, dignified side, [and] excitable, deranged side” in The Mercenaries, so do with that information what you will.

All the Winters’ Expansion updates will launch October 28 and be available both separately, and as a bundle with the original game known as Resident Evil Village Gold Edition.