To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Play Me Off, Keyboard Cat

I'm sitting in a little diner inside LAX as I write this, waiting to catch a flight back home from LA. The week's been packed to the gills with hands on, meetings and interviews, much of which is embargoed until E3 or at least closer to it.

I can't talk specifics, but I can say I've seen some impressive stuff this week, enough to make me think this could be one of the bigger E3s in quite awhile. Let's hope that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft deliver during their pressers.

With Microsoft in an unusual media blackout and Nintendo in a usual blackout, the only thing I've been able to piece together is that Sony may have some pretty big announcements this year around, perhaps steal the show big. Of course there are plenty of Microsoft and Nintendo rumors as well.

Buzz building.

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