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Good news from today's Take-Two quarterly earnings call is that we got an update on Rockstar Games' L.A. Noire. The bad news? There's no actual news, as Take-Two execs remained tight lipped about the title.


The publisher wouldn't offer any new details on the Team Bondi game, which is not currently on Take-Two's list of upcoming titles. That list extends well into mid-2010, so don't expect to see anything material from L.A. Noire for a while. All Take-Two would say was that, yes, the game is still in development at Rockstar—they didn't mention Team Bondi by name—and that they'd share more information when they had more information to share.

The last substantial development we heard on the multi-platform L.A. was that it was pushed into 2009, officially, then taken off the release list. In the meantime, Team Bondi has been staffing up, hopefully in an effort to give us an update and a final game.


L.A. Noire was first announced in the fall of 2006.

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