Kratos. Now there's a rage-filled video game character for you. Just look at him, perched there, glaring through the screen. He doesn't even have limbs and I'm still scared he's gonna come beat me up.

For $600, I can let him try. Gaming Heads has finally pulled the curtain back on its new bust of the God of War star. And while it comes at a hefty price, it also captures the famously irate Grecian in all his glory. Well, the glory that's stored in his head, shoulders, and ample pectoral region, at least:

This is "Fear Kratos," mind you—not just plain ol' Kratos. He first appears in this contrast-heavy light towards the end of God of War 3 when he enters into dream state. Once you complete the game, though, Fear Kratos is unlocked an alternate skin. You can see why it quickly became a fan favorite, given how it amps up the man's more...domineering qualities:

Ok, but back to the bust.


Impressive, don't you think?

This is just a picture of a statue, and I'm having a hard time maintaining eye contact.


Oh, Kratos, that's why you look so peeved. You've got a pedestal coming out of your upper back!


...he doesn't seem to be amused by my dumb joke...


Welp, I'm not sleeping tonight.

You can see more photos of Fear Kratos in his statuesque fury over at the Gaming Heads website. And if you have $600, you can secure one for yourself before they go on sale later this year. Gaming Heads only made 100 available, so get him while he's angry!

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