Kotick: We Cater To Adults

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Activision is well aware that most of its customers are over 18 and plans to address their R-rated expectations, Activision chairman and CEO Bobby Kotick told the Wall Street Journal's Kara Swisher at today's D6 event.

"We try to stick to violence against small animals," said Kotick, (hopefully) joking, when Swisher asked him about the in-game violence issue:

Most of our users are over 18, they go to R-rated movies and we need to to cater to that preference. We are a broad-based medium today and we must appeal to as many demographics as we can. Part of that demographic audience enjoys in-game violence, and that includes gratuitous violence.


Bobby Kotick, Chairman and CEO of Guitar Hero-Maker Activision - D6 Highlights [All Things Digital]

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Darth Tigris


@wild homes:

Two BRILLIANT post. You two deserve credit for bringing the maturity.

I'm WELL over 18 and Kotick obviously doesn't have a clue as to what I do. I don't go to a movie, watch a TV show or buy a game based on a rating. It has to be quality. And the more ultraviolent it is, the more juvenile it is. Gaming will never grow up properly or be respected when the heads of companies as large and powerful as Activision have such little respect for its consumers or the medium.