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Did you hear? Sonic the Hedgehog got picked up by comic book publisher IDW. That means it’s only a matter of time until the furry blue runner’s first really weird crossover.

The new partnership was revealed last week after Sega announced Sonic comics would no longer be coming via Archie. Naturally, everyone’s wandering what this could mean for the future of Sonic on the printed page given IDW’s penchant for stuff like this:


So in this week’s ‘Shop Contest, I want you to come up with the weirdest Sonic crossover you can think of. Like that time the chili dog eating fiend teamed up with Spawn, except times a million. Maybe Sonic races the Flash, or saves Optimus Prime, or, hell, somehow arrives in the Mass Effect universe via a wormhole and has to mine planets for iridium in order to go back in time and prevent the Reapers from ever being created. Or, I mean, maybe he just gets into a hot dog eating contest with the Blob, who knows?

The rules are below. See you next weekend with the winners!

How To Upload Images — Instructions

1. Create your ‘Shop and save it to your desktop. Images must be at least 636 pixels wide. If they aren’t, you will be shot.

2. Go to the bottom of this post

3. This brings up a comment window. Click

4. This brings up Click “Choose file” if you’re uploading your ‘shop from your desktop

5. Alternatively, you can upload the ‘Shop to a free image hosting service. I suggest imgur. Then paste the image’s URL into the field that says “Image URL.” Note: this must be the URL of the image itself, not the page where it is displayed. That means the URL ends in .jpg, .gif, .png, whatever.

6. Add editorial commentary and hit submit and your image will load. If it doesn’t, upload the image to imgur and paste the image URL as a comment. I promise I will look at it.

7. Large-size images may not upload properly, though we have seen some big-ass animated .gifs upwards of 5 MB. If you’re still having trouble uploading the image, try to keep its longest dimension (horizontal or vertical) under 1000 pixels, or the whole thing under 2 MB.

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This was a little bit more of a pain than I thought it would be.

Still my love of Sonic and Danger Girl will not be stopped.

Also ignore that Image logo, IDW publishes the series nowadays