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Kotaku's Top 5 List of Top 10 Lists

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

Top 8 Most Fatally Negligent Gamer Parents of All Time [Ranker] Aggregating eight stories from one of our most favorite subjects - bad parenting - Ranker gives us such familiar tales as "Korean Baby Neglected In Favor Of Virtual Child," "Baby Killed For Interrupting Farmville," and "Toddler Confuses Gun For Wii Remote." Yeesh.

Top 10: Goriest Black Ops Moments (NSFW) [ScrewAttack] It's a title that means what it says, kids. So it's full of spoilers and blood and guts. No. 8, though, I like the homage to Luca Brasi's death.


11 Game Soundtracks And When You Should Listen To Them [UGO] They pick Red Dead Redemption for "dragging a corpse to bury it in the desert." See, I think it should be like Sanford & Son's theme, which is sort of an audio Esperanto for "You drive a piece of shit." In this case, the RDR harmonica signifies, "This conversation is going nowhere."

The 5 Worst Co-Op Gaming Moments [The Kartel] LeeRoy Jenkins, always suspected of being staged, makes the list. Two Best Friends Play Kirby's Epic Yarn, definitely staged, is No. 1.


Top 10 Sega Games We Want on Xbox Live Arcade [Planet Xbox 360] Lots of standbys and golden oldies here; gotta agree with Spider-Man, the arcade game; especially if they're bringing X-Men to Xbox Live Arcade, very soon.

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