Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.


Top 10 Biggest WTF Games of All Time [Brave New Gamer] Back in the 1980s I remember reading an ad for early arcade ports that pooh-poohed the byzantine nature of some PC games. Which would you rather play, Moon Patrol, or "Manholes of Venus"? It asked. Actually, I think Manholes of Venus sounds more intriguing. And less than half as bizarre as Space Giraffe (pictured).

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Video Game Mascots of All Time [The Kartel] "Mascots" might be overstating these characters' rank - many just look like weird characters, although Elbo, the Electronics Boutique skateboarding hipster, definitely is a mascot. Number one is Pac-Man, who is both.

10 of the Most Creative Video Game Deaths Ever [Wired] Game deaths used to not be deaths. Popeye spun into the air and fell into the water. Pepper Pete in Burger Time rolled around on the ground throwing a kicking tantrum. These sanitized depictions represented our collective discomfort with death at the time - at least death administered by an anthropomorphic fried egg. But as we've matured, we can handle more intense depictions. Such as being turned into a snowman in Mortal Kombat.


10 Sequels That are Better Than the Original [Den of Geek] People complain about sequels as the day is long, but lets remember some unoriginal IP that was, in fact, pretty damn good. Street Fighter II, Grand Theft Auto III, God of War II. Hitman: Silent Assassin is not on this list but should be; much better execution than the original.

50 Games That Sound Vaguely (or Not So Vaguely) Like Adult Films [Crispy Gamer] Wait, where's "Manholes of Venus?"

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