To: Totilo
From: Totilo
Re: Totilo / Hey Look! Whale In A Can

Would you look at the time? Man, it's like, past time to be writing the Day Note. Good thing Crecente is actually off today and not checking the site. He'd see that this Day Note is late. Good thing he's away. What was it he was doing on his off day? Preparing his Senate bid? Writing math problems for Bolivian schoolchildren to solve? Can't remember.


Anyway, I'm sure my Day Note will be about something fascinating. And I need to make sure to respond to Ash's Night Note about the joys of eating whales.

What else... oh, then I'll go home and do laundry and play Army of Two[EMBARGOED GAME NAME] for my review tomorrow.

Yes, I'll do that. Let me go write this Day Note first.

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