Guys and gals, it's been a fun three years, but Kotaku's coverage of cosplay has outgrown a mere weekly roundup.

So I'd like to welcome you all to Cosplay. It's a sister site that'll be focusing solely and exclusively on, well, costume play (though we'll still be cross-posting the best of it to Kotaku's front page). You can read more about it (and get some questions answered) on the site's launch post.

While that's the future of Kotaku's cosplay coverage, for one last time let's look to the past (well, the past seven days, at least), with the final instalment of Fancy Pants.

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Fancy Pants is Kotaku's weekly round-up of the best in video game cosplay (costume play), where fans dress up as their favourite characters.


WALKYRE | Cosplayer: MADmoiselleMeli | Photographer: Reiner Eisenbeis

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA | Cosplayer: Li Kovacs


FINAL FANTASY XIII | Cosplayer: Eveille | Photographer: Starrfall

MORTAL KOMBAT | Cosplayers: Drefan, Khymichi & hana-bira | Photographer: Vaxzone


ATTACK ON TITAN | Cosplayers: HelgAl & Misaki-Sai | Photographer: Pugoffka-sama

WORLD OF WARCRAFT | Cosplayer: Shoko | Photographer: Kaicom


BEAUTY & THE BEAST | Cosplayers: Ryoko-demon & Nastroenie | Photographer: Kifir