Kotaku Talk Radio is Live: Let's Talk With The Inventor Of Scribblenauts

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Jeremiah Slaczka, the visionary behind Scribblenauts and other creative Nintendo DS games from studio 5th Cell is today's guest on our live Kotaku podcast. We're starting now. Call in. You could be live on the air with me and Jeremiah.

Ask good questions!

To listen, head over to our BlogTalkRadio page. Unfortunately, you can only listen live on the BlogTalkRadio website.


Want to be heard on Kotaku Talk Radio? Call us on the air LIVE at (347) 857-3782 or use Skype to dial in!

Listen to the show here.

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Taylor from Delaware here (I asked if there were any more words Jeremiah wanted in the game). Oh wow! I was on Kotaku Talk Radio. And right after Sihaya.

Sihaya, your call was much better. It was cool hearing the son that you spoke about in the TAY post that you got on the front page.

I was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to be heard clearly. Mr. Slaczka is a cool guy. I wanted to mention that when I played the game and made a God and a Devil character, the Devil always won. Ditto with an Angel and the Grim Reaper (or Death). Apparently it was the opposite for my brother. This game is evil! :p