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We had an international adventure this week on Kotaku Talk Radio, connecting Crecente in Germany at GamesCom with England, the U.S. and an "undisclosed location" to talk Gamescom, PS3 Slim and those darn Starcraft II Internet petitioners. Listen in.


Best of all, we had on you, our readers, phoning in live to ask questions and talk games. If you missed the live call-in show you can stream the full episode right here or download the show from the link below. If you're a fan of the iPod you can also check out our show on iTunes where a subscription is a must.

Co-Hosts: Stephen Totilo, Brian Crecente
Guest Host: N'Gai Croal
Music: The Video Game Song, by Sole and Alias (Hear more of it at soleone.org/)


Download the show
Get it on iTunes

PS3 Slim
PSP Minis
PS3 Backwards Compatibility
Starcraft II Petitions
Ex-LucasArts President Jim Ward for Congress

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I want to listen, but the sound quality is so bad it is distorted. Only the embedded player seems to work ok. It is very disappointing.