Kotaku Talk Radio: BlizzCon

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Hear PlayStation 3 debates featuring live calls from Kotaku readers. Listen to our Mike Fahey reveal the secrets of his strange interview with Ozzy Osbourne. Take Crecente's podcast-naming challenge (Kotalku???). Laugh at my jokes. It's our newest podcast episode.


If you missed the live call-in show you can stream the full episode right here or download the show from the link below. If you're a fan of the iPod you can also check out our show on iTunes where a subscription is a must.

And if you really want us to change the podcast's name to Kotalku, you must convince us!

Co-Hosts: Stephen Totilo, Brian Crecente
Special Call-In Guest: Mike Fahey
Music: Mr. Spastic, Starpause and A-Rival from 8bitSF presents Anamanaguchi


Download the show
Get it on iTunes

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See if you think about it:

Ko - Co, a group of people, the writers

Talk - talk

U - the commenter's

So the breakdown of Kotalku is "The Writers, talk to you the commenter's"

If you point us in the direction of the font you use I'm sure I could have a shot at something.