Cosplay Shodown: Gamescom Vs. BlizzCon

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August was packed to the gills with conventions. And conventions mean cosplay. But who had the best in August?


BlizzCon's "purple girl" seems to be leading the charge for all things Warcraft, while in Germany the all-female cast of Metal Gear Solid were rocking Gamescom.

Here's your chance to decide which of the gatherings brought out the best in creative game-related costume design.


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You gotta love cosplay.

Ive seen Sephiroth and Cloud having a beer while Ryu and Ken watch pokemon and Chun Li its actually a man....

I believe the 1st person who thought of dressing as some fictional character said

"Screw reality who cares if im fat ugly and possibly mentally retarded il be Ezio and people will like me!"

Guess what ..... we do like you ! :D