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Whoops. I think some of you might have gotten a sneak preview at this about 40 minutes ago. Anyway, this week we saw not just one, but two games announce plans for zombie modes, like this is something new.


In the spirit of an explosion that puts out a fire, I say we just blow it out. Zombie-mode every damn thing. Put this rotting cliché in a shallow grave. Take any game and 'Shop up a zombie mode for it. Or, take a zombie game and de-zombify it. But if studios are willing to take this gag past its expiration date, we're going to take it much further.

You may use anything you get your grubby hands on; at the bottom I've given five suggestions but I don't expect everyone to stay to these. Explore the space. Hell, as Totilo brilliantly put it on Kotaku Talk Radio this past week, there are plenty of zombies in NBA Elite 11. I didn't include a grab here because so few were released in the run-up to its eventual postponement. Plus it might be funnier to see them in NBA Jam. And hell, we still don't know all the unlockables for that, so maybe zombies are in it.


Post your submissions in the comments. The 20 best will get rounded up and published at the end of next Saturday. Meantime, I and the rest of the starred commentariat will approve and promote as many as we can so folks can see them and pass judgment. Remember, if you're trying to get a comment account approved, turning in a worthy 'shop is an easy path to the privilege.

Alright, start 'Shoppin!

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