A mysterious Christmas gift. A disappointed-looking man. These were the gifts I gave our image manipulating community last week. What they've given us is in return is pure holiday magic.

As you can see from our new non-nonsense method of labeling the winner of the contest in the celebratory image, Yankton takes home the admiration and respect of his peers this week for his tribute to the deadly powers of Mega Man's sharpest foe, Cuts Man. He's the gift that keeps on... well I guess he just gives the one time. Once is enough.

As for the rest, they might not be as animated, but they're every bit as entertaining. Find out for yourself as I list...

This Week's Honorable Mentions


Tristanix — for reminding us another crappy mobile FF title is on the way.

Eric Pheris — for a bad Christmas I'd probably still enjoy.


Magicow — for the nightmares of that face.

nothingreal — for nothing good.


Fizziks — you leave that poor John Romero game alone, young man.

Michael — though I still prefer the Halloween-themed "Bobbing for Dummies."


MrDeadScott — I think he got a rock.

XDeskard — they did say it was bull shit.


arniejolt — because I was hoping this would happen.

WillWare — because screw those stupid coins.


omeanizot — because this is exactly what I got for Christmas.

Ganonthegreat1 — because the suck has layers!


ConallofUlster — topical!

blazeeeee1 — damn that dog.


BobotheTeddy — bwahahahahahahahaha.

Crazy Tom — because he looks good in a beard.


Orionsangel — for my second-favorite animated entry.

GiantBoyDetective — because Luigi just can't catch a break anymore.


Marusame — what's odd is we have one of those last-gen Sweetie Belles. It's sitting on the floor not three feet from me.

halo6tee9 — that's the saddest thing ever.


Brandon0151 — because it never ends. NEVER.

SeaBeastRising — for the obligatory Final Fantasy VII PS4 entry.


sciteach — for the obligatory non-Final Fantasy Seven entry.

xbattousai666 — might as well get this out of our system while we're at it.

And of course...


Yankton — for the win!

Come back later today for the final 'Shop Contest of 2014.