With apologies to Oculus Rift CEO Palmer Luckey, here are the results of last week’s Kotaku ‘Shop Contest, which took us to the wonderful world of virtual reality.

It was nearly impossible to narrow this one down, so if you didn’t make the cut, rest assured I probably laughed at your entry nonetheless. (Or you uploaded an image that was less than 636width, tsk tsk.)

This Week’s VR Winners

Derek wishes he could be part of your world.


Fahrradweg gets extra points for the hand drawing!

BriHard shows us the only Fire Emblem character with feet.


Shardik The Man Bear knows true beauty.

TVs_Frank knows true Jamiroquai.


Goufunaki once worked for 96 hours straight.

sciteach knows that in VR, nobody can hear you scream.


dangerism knows the Suikoden-shaped key to my heart.

Orionsangel had way too many good entries.


Nanttene is probably going to hell for this one but whatevs.

ChefRobertIrvine even got the filter right.


uncle_paul has created a horrible dystopian nightmare.

Barrel_Trollz won’t leave Kronk alone.


Kabeljiata is mutant and proud.

BlueMonk just found out that Palmer is a Target exclusive.


...whatever, Kopoop.

And finally, the winner:


Nice work, Zabant!

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