Halloween 2017. It was good times. Except for those people in The Last of Us 2 trailer.

With the number of trick-or-treaters who visited my house barely in the double digits, I’ve been forced to slowly eat all the remaining candy myself. It’s a tough life. There are only so many baby Three Musketeers (how do they keep getting tinier?) and ‘Shop Contest entries one can go through before one starts to lose one’s mind. But here I am, warped by sugar and Kotaku’s lovely commenters, trying to judge fairly and without prejudice.

As a result of that process, this week’s winner is ChefRobertIrvine. The last person to enter but with out a doubt the most timely.

Mario and a Sonic doppelganger is definitely a buddy cop film I would see. Several times in fact. Maybe even in IMAX. Cappie had no idea what it was getting itself into this time.


There were some other great entries as well, though. You can check out those below and, as always, check back tomorrow to find out what next week’s ‘Shop Contest is, or if there will be one at all!


Mortal Dictata had the reader favorite: Geralt dressing up like the eighth grader who comes to your door at 9:30pm in the “hobo” costume.

cecil_banon managed to submit a personal favorite of mine with very little effort.


Phobox definitely had the most thematically appropriate entry.


Andrew had a ‘shop that easily might have won if only there were a background. Apparently the God of War is trying to sneak into the white space margins.

Doctor-G-and-the-wagen “Overwatch? No! I’m the Toxic Avenger!”


Soapypickles had no idea what the contest was but the ‘shop was still rad.

Tom Petty said there wasn’t an easy way out but Early Discloser found one.


Rootin’ Tootin’ Teddy Roo gets a little too NSFW.

amazingmao points to a troubling trend of Bayonetta stealing other people’s styles.