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Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Time Travelers Edition

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A couple weeks ago, the Internet flipped out when someone thought they found a time traveling woman using a mobile phone in the middle of a Charlie Chaplin silent flick. This is something that made the nightly news.


Turns out the large woman so rudely chatting away on her Droid in The Circus, circa 1928, was in fact probably using a turn-of-the-century hearing aid. Thus, time travel not discovered - at least not yet - we all went back to our lives of disappointment.


Well, let's send some game devices back in time. I know we kinda sorta did this two weeks ago with the political 'shop contest, but hear me out. There are any number of stock photographs out there of idiots playing video games. Many of them have become memes. Take one, combine it with a vintage, preferably recognizable, photograph, and bammo, comedy gold and a 'shop contest winner. Or place video game hardware in the hands of people in these old photos, or somewhere in the frame.

Then send it to NBC and CNN.

You know the drill: Post your submissions in the comments. The 20 best will get rounded up and published at the end of next Saturday. Meantime, I and the rest of the starred commentariat will approve and promote as many as we can so folks can see them and pass judgment. Remember, if you're trying to get a comment account approved, turning in a worthy 'shop is an easy path to the privilege.