One of the greatest video game openings of all time made somehow even better.

Last week’s contest was to take the dancing hot dog and dump him into your favorite gaming locales. The enthusiasm seemed to be somewhat lacking and for a hot second I thought maybe I’d introduced one of the worst prompts in ‘Shop Contest history.

But then Jacob Lindenmoyer showed up and saved the day. The world feels a little more hopeful now, a little more pure. Jacob will forever be remembered in the pantheon of Kotaku ‘Shop Contest winners for coming through in an especially dire time of need.


As far as honorable mentions go, I also really enjoyed this gruesome display from Phobox.

And of course, as always, here’s a bunch of other entries you all were kind enough to send in.

I think I know what IRarelyComment was going for here.

bernardg seemed on a similar wavelength.

cecil_banon was like, video what? How about some baseball mascots instead.

Chrury Sanson came up with an idea for a new Overwatch skin that I would definitely grind for.

JarJarBarf had a few good ones, but this was definitely my favorite.

amazingmao went hyper real and for some reason I’m having flashbacks to Kirby’s feet.

amazingmao explains how memes are made.

There’s no place hot dog won’t get to per HalberdierV2.

murmurringjoey had an idea for an Earthworm re-skin.

Done with Kinja has me convinced we need more in-game filters.

Paco Deth just decided to go dark af.

I also have to commend Pleasance13 for the level of committeemen with this one.

I like to call this one “Hot Dog Got Your Back” by Valkorus.

LeonTTTTTT had the goods this week also.

Rafgenduke with Hot Dog 3 Remastered.

Green Monkie went meta with this one.

Someone help LinkToFuture who appears to be trapped in a glorious time warp.

Reinmental “Nothing like beating a horse until it is good and dead.”